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03:50am 05/08/2006
Promo in a dead community? 
04:05pm 04/09/2005
  < lj user="1linechallenge">

A new community challenge that lets you use any form of art to express yourself. icons, photography, drawing, its all up to you!

So give it a join, possibly?

Itll be lots of fun once it gets off the ground.
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12:55pm 30/06/2004
mood: crazy
Anyone know of any good shows coming up?
09:31pm 08/03/2004
  hey i'm jess
i live in jersey but my second home is the 760 - i go out there about every 6 months, and in les than 18 months i'll be moving out there.

just wanted to represent the 760 at heart
04:39pm 12/02/2004
  Subhumans show on the 27th anyone?  
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06:06am 04/02/2004
  Hi my name is Ryan. I live in Carlsbad. I surf and shit. Well if anyone wants to add me go ahead. Also is anyone going to the modest mouse show on 3/22?  
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07:26pm 02/02/2004
mood: silly
This Journal is Dying! Someone stab it with an adrenaline needle. And by the way my 858 ass will probably be in the 760 area Wed. Any humanbeing going to the blood brothers saturday?
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10:18pm 06/01/2004
  who all is going to the hates on friday?  
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03:52pm 31/12/2003
mood: blank
Hey, is anyone going to the SOS/Bombskill show this Saturday at the Che? It's free.
08:53pm 25/12/2003
mood: chipper
You should post this shite to socal_punk and socalscene. Pimp it up.
11:38am 23/12/2003
mood: busy
welcome to the 760crew journal. we'll have a layout soon...

if you live or hang out in encinitas, carlsbad, vista, oside, etc... join bitches
tell your friends
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